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Surfing in Biscarrosse

Surf sur les plages de Biscarrosse
surf a Biscarrosse plage
Ocean surfing
surf sur les vagues de Biscarrosse
Surf à l'océan

With several miles of fine sandy beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean, Biscarrosse is the ultimate surfing destination!

Biscarrosse, is a renowned spot for surfing on the Atlantic coast. To the south of the Arcachon basin, the ocean beaches of Biscarrosse offer an ideal location to practice this sport. With a reasonable swell, and wave height of between 1m and 1m50, Biscarrosse offers excellent surfing conditions. 

Bisca’s surfing history

The surfing culture in Biscarrosse has long been established there. A surfers’ paradise since the 1950s, the Landes coast hosts major international surfing events each year.  

Surfing, the flagship activity of holidays at Biscarrosse

Whether you're already a seasoned fan or a beginner, you really must try out the surf on the ocean waves of Biscarrosse.
Several surfing schools offer classes and equipment for hire…ideal for enjoying the Waves in one of the best spots in France! So get your web suits on and dive in. If the first waves splash a little, the thrill of sliding over the water is sensational.

And with its miles of beaches available, you will always find a quiet spot!

Our advice

  • The ocean is a natural space: protect it by respecting the environment. Help keep the beaches clean by not leaving litter or cigarette ends behind you on the sand.
  • Campfires and wild camping are prohibited

Where are the surfing beaches of Biscarrosse?

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Beach safety
Protected from any urban encroachment, a white sand beach stretches over 106 km: welcome to the Landes coast!