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balade en foret
Lac de Biscarrosse

Bisca Grands Lacs, for a total escape in the Landes!

30,000 hectares forests to explore, the ocean and 3unique, unspoilt lakes, miles of unspoilt beaches. Incredible, exceptionally diverse landscapes in 7 destinations, from charming villages to integrated seaside resorts: Biscarrosse, Gastes, Lüe, Parentis en Born, Sainte Eulalie en Born, Sanguinet and Ychoux.

Successful vacations with fine sand as far as the eye can see, beach breaks renowned for surfing, the wind in your hair, or cinematic sunsets...the beaches of the Biscarrosse coastline live up to their reputation. The cradle of hydra-aviation, with archaeological sites to discover, the lakes are also a paradise for beginners and experienced sailors and fishermen, and are home to a unique biodiversity. Discover Gastes, Sainte Eulalie en Born and Sanguinet, charming lakeside villages, and immerse yourself in Landes culture at the ferias in Parentis en Born. Rejuvenate in Lüe and Ychoux, oases of calm in the heart of the forest, gateways to the region.

Bisca Grands Lacs, the essence of the Landes
Biscarrosse, Sanguinet, Parentis, Gastes, Sainte Eulalie en Born, Ychoux, Luë
Get away
Walk in the forest, discover the natural and cultural heritage...
Revitalise yourself
Spend a holiday like no other!
Revive your senses
Dive into the vastness of Bisca Grands Lacs' ocean, lakes and forests...
Culture & Traditions
The traditions and identity of Grands lacs are original...
Landes flavours
Whether on the markets, in the festivals or gastronomy events...
Surrounding area
Les Landes, Bassin d'Arcachon, Bordeaux...

Bisca Grands Lacs: A Natural Jewel Between Land and Water

As simple as a féria, as joyful as a surfer on his board and as cool as a lake in summer, Bisca Grands Lacs is THE ideal destination to recharge your batteries on vacation.

- Intensely, with its exceptional panorama of the Atlantic Coast and sunsets to make Instagram blush.
- Peacefully, with its pristine lakes and marinas.
- And warmly, with its taste for powerful traditions, openness and friendship. Batteries recharged!