Bisca Grands Lacs, the essence of the Landes

Le lac de Parentis en Born
La plage océane de Biscarrosse
Biscarrosse City
Le lac à Sainte Eulalie en Born
Le Bourg d'ychoux dans les Landes
Le village de Luë
Lac de Sanguinet
Biscarrosse Lake
Bike ride to Gastes, its port and beach

Biscarrosse, Sanguinet, Parentis, Gastes, Sainte-Eulalie en Born, Ychoux, Luë

The seven communes go under the name of Bisca Grands Lacs and reflect a powerful attachment and love for their region and the three lakes.

With its genuine nature, Grands Lacs displays an amazing expression of well-being.

  • The desire to breathe, get away or taste authentic products...
  • The desire to share happy and fun times with your lover, your family, your friends...
  • The desire to make good use of the time or let it fly by...
Bisca Grands Lacs

A holiday spot to recharge your batteries fully

With its outstanding view over the Atlantic coast, Biscarrosse offers a relaxing stay in the Landes department. Many outings let you enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, with the ocean beach and its unforgettable sunsets. The seaside resort south of Arcachon Bay features six destinations of outstanding diversity. Parentis en Born is known for its strong Landes identity and sense of celebration. Near the lac des Forges, Ychoux is closely linked to railway development with the only station of Grands Lacs... The neighbouring villages of Sanguinet and Gastes offer holidaymakers forest walks, as well as watersport activities on the lakes of Cazaux-Sanguinet and Biscarrosse-Parentis. The yachting port of Sainte-Eulalie-en-Born is ideal for a break and relaxation, like the lake view with its incredible landscape. As for Luë, this tiny village of 500 inhabitants has the Cantaure oak, a tree that dates back to the 14th century.

Biscarrosse is a young and vibrant town...
Sanguinet is above all an outstanding area...
Parentis en Born
The town of Parentis-en-Born is the only one in the north Landes to have an arena...
A great spot where charm operates everywhere through its authentic and spontaneous inhabitants...
Sainte Eulalie en Born
An authentic village in the heart of the Landes.
Nested in the Landes forest, Ychoux is surrounded by the French National Park of the Landes...
Luë, a natural landscape and a village mindset...