Parentis en Born

Ville de Parentis en Born
Port de plaisance de Parentis en born
Ville de Parentis en Born
Les arènes Roland Portalier de Parentis
A stroll on the Promenade du Nasseys in Parentis

The town of Parentis-en-Born is the only one in the north Landes to have an arena. It is definitely worth a visit. You will also enjoy its strong Landes identity and sense of celebration.

Lake Parentis en Born
A remarkable environment

Parentis en Born is a town of 6,158 inhabitants located in the Landes Grands Lacs region near the ocean. Parentis, capital of the canton, is equidistant from the Bordeaux regional centre (80 kilometres to the north); Mont-de-Marsan Prefecture (80 kilometres to the east) and Dax sub-prefecture (80 kilometres to the south). This commune of 12,257 hectares lies around the eponymous lake, the second largest in the Landes (3,345 ha).