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Sainte Eulalie en Born

Le lac à Sainte Eulalie en Born
Balade à sainte Eulalie en Born
Le courant de Sainte Eulalie en Born
Sainte-Eulalie en Born beach for a sporty walk with friends
partie de pêche sur le lac de ste eulalie en born
Sainte Eulalie en Born

An authentic village in the heart of the Landes.

In Sainte Eulalie en Born, nature is everywhere, appreciated and preserved. This village at the southmost point of Biscarrosse-Parentis lake has 1,280 inhabitants. In the midst of the Landes de Gascogne forest, with its lakeside beach and a host of watersports activities, the village enjoys a preserved natural setting.

Its 13th century church used to belong to Knights of Malta. Located on the road to Santiago de Compostela, it remains today a stopover for pilgrims. Note the presence of a 19th century wash-house in the square.

The current of Sainte Eulalie links Biscarrosse-Parentis lake (3,600 ha) to the Aureilhan pond. The lake shores with its marina are one of the commune’s tourist attractions, where you can also catch up on some fishing.