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The lakes

Les lacs de Biscarrosse, Sanguinet et Parentis en born
Baignade sur le lac de Cazaux Sanguinet
pêche sur le lac de Biscarrosse
Sailing on the lakes

The north lake: the lake of Biscarrosse, Cazaux, Sanguinet, covering 5600 hectares, is the 2nd largest lake in France, after Lake Hourtin. A natural freshwater lake, formed approximately 4000 years ago, which is now a small paradise surrounded with greenery and pine forests. 

While it is possible to fish in all 3 lakes, the “small lake”, a true fishing reserve, is preferred by fishers who enjoy this ideal setting in which to practice their hobby. Covering 100 hectares, it is connected to the south lake and the north lake by the Transaquitain Canal.

The south lake covers 3400 hectares and is valued for its calm setting and small beach. Fishing, sailing, and windsurfing are popular here. It is also known as the Lac de Biscarrosse Parentis. 
Whether you simply want to walk through the forest while enjoying views of the lake, or go windsurfing, paddling in a canoe, parasailing, waterskiing, diving, or fishing, there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy this other Bisca Grands Lacs.

The Transaquitain Canal was created in 1834 by a group of bankers from Bordeaux. It stretches from the Arcachon Bay to Mimizan. It connects Biscarrosse’s three lakes. Measuring 10 m wide and 4 m deep, it allows leisure sailors to sail from one lake to the next.