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Revitalise yourself in the Landes forest

La forêt des Landes de Gascogne
Balade en forêt
Forêt des Landes
bapteme de l'air hydravion
La forêt des Landes de Gascogne

Escape to the heart of the Landes forest, the largest managed forest in Western Europe! Reconnect with nature in one of the largest French Natural Parks…

The Landes forest, a preserved natural space 

The Landes forest stretches along the Atlantic ocean, a natural park of almost one million hectares. 13,000 hectares of forest land cover the area of Bisca Grands Lacs and blend into the landscape between ocean and lakes… 

The maritime pine is the king of Landes forest, but when you walk through this Natural Park, you will also see other trees such as different species of oak.  

Stroll through the Landes forest   

It is advisable to hire a mountain bike or walk to explore the Landes forest. A guaranteed change of scenery! When hiking through the Landes forest, like a real explorer, check the map and follow the paths! Rest in the shade of the trees or at the lakeside to the song of the birds… 

Try out new activities in the Landes forest 

With friends or family, the Landes forest is a full-scale playground! Enjoy the thrills of riding a quad bike. A fun and alternative way of discovering the Landes forest. 

Do you think you have the stuff of an adventurer? Imagine you are a cowboy and ride through the Landes forest! Cross streams and tree trunks, canter through the pines or around the lakes…  Adventure is just around the corner!