Bisca Grands Lacs: Biscarrosse, the Landes and much more!

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Lac de Sanguinet Biscarrosse
Forêt des Landes
Revitalise yourself
Spend a holiday like no other!
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Walk in the forest, discover the natural and cultural heritage...
Revive your senses
Dive into the vastness of Bisca Grands Lacs' ocean, lakes and forests...

What are we doing this afternoon?

Fun, physical or unusual, Bisca Grands Lacs always has an activity for you! At the end of the roll? The resort of Biscarrosse is renowned for having one of the best surf spots in the New Aquitaine region. Warm up the wax! Afterwards, nothing prevents you from defying gravity on a paddle or from going for a ride on a sand yacht. Want some fresh air? We say bye bye to the sofa and we get back to nature with a hike or a horseback ride along the lake of Sanguinet and Parentis, or in the forest of Landes de Gascogne. For those who love asphalt, our bicycle paths are perfect to reach the south of the territory, or to go up to the Dune du Pilat and the oyster ports of the Bay of Arcachon. Your vacations in the Landes are also an opportunity to see life in green. Eco-responsible to the end of the beach, Bisca Grands Lacs is committed to preserving and protecting its unique natural environment. Zero cigarette butt? Let's go !

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Bisca Grands Lacs

Concentrated Landes

As simple as a fair, as joyful as a surfer on his board and as cool as a lake in summer, Bisca Grands Lacs is THE destination to recharge your batteries. Intensely, with its exceptional panorama on the Atlantic Coast and its sunsets to make Instagram blush.
Peacefully, with its large and pure lakes and the beauty of its marinas. And finally, warmly, with its taste for powerful traditions, honesty and friendship. Batteries recharged!

Located south of the Arcachon Basin, Bisca Grands Lacs integrates 6 destinations of exceptional diversity.
🐂 Parentis-en-Born is known for its strong Landes identity and its sense of celebration.
🚂 Ychoux, with the Lac des Forges, is intimately linked to the territory's rail development with the unique Grands Lacs station.
🚣🏻 Sanguinet and Gastes offer to the holiday makers walks in the forest, as well as nautical activities, around the lakes of Cazaux-Sanguinet and Biscarrosse-Parentis.
⚓ Sainte-Eulalie-en-Born and its peaceful marina. Its superb view on the lake makes it a place conducive to escape and relaxation.
🌳Luë, this small village of 500 inhabitants that is home to the Cantaure oak, a tree that dates back to the 14th century. This is what we call taking root!
🏄Biscarrosse, the over-vitamin cocktail: ⅓ ocean, ⅓ lake, ⅓ forest! To be consumed without moderation all year round.