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Our children's activities in Biscarrosse and the Grands Lacs

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The vacation season is often a time to get together as a family and realize just how much the kids have grown up... But our little heads are also real batteries that we need to keep busy! 👦👧

To that end, we've listed the children's activities to try out during the vacations, in Biscarrosse and the Landes!

5 must-see themes for kids

Rain or shine, you'll always find indoor activities in Biscarrosse to keep the kids entertained!

Take advantage of the Landes sunshine and get a breath of fresh air with your sneakers on. We invite you to discover outdoor activities with your children!

For thrills, chills, games and laughter with the kids, explore our selection of the best theme parks in and around Biscarrosse!

Dive into our selection of 100% aquatic activities at Bisca Grands Lacs... Your kids will love making splashes!

Experience tender, caring moments with animals. Explore our activities for kids up close and personal with animals in Biscarrosse and around the Grands Lacs.

What are we doing with the kids this summer?

Every day promises to be full of laughter, learning and unforgettable memories at Bisca Grands Lacs. So get your diaries ready, lace up your sneakers and head off on a family adventure for a great vacation with your kids. And if you don't want to miss out on the best entertainment during your summer stay, check out our top summer events!