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Pilat Dune

Dune du Pilat
L'ascension de la dune du Pilat
La dune du Pilat

Pilat Dune is an unmissable visit! Europe’s highest sand dune is only 20 kilometres from Biscarrosse!

Reach Pilat Dune from Biscarrosse and Grands Lacs

Pilat Dune is a genuine natural monument already forged more than 4,000 years ago in Gironde. 110 metres high and 3 km long, makes it the highest dune in Europe! Over the years, the wind has worked on the Pilat Dune, which is gradually moving inland over lands and forest… 

To reach it, we recommend you take a bike on the Vélodyssée cycling route! Take a day out to cover the 20 kilometres linking Biscarrosse and Sanguinet to Pilat Dune! Between forest and ocean beaches, the trip already offers an amazing natural spectacle… You can also get to Pilat Dune from Grands Lacs by car, from Parentis-en-Born or Sanguinet. Pilat Dune has a car park.

Admire one of the most stupendous views of the region

Arriving at the Dune, climb the 160 step path leading to the top… As you ascend the landscapes become clearer... From the summit, the panorama is absolutely breathtaking! Before you lies the forest, the Banc d’Arguin nature reserve, the Arcachon Bay and the Pointe du Cap Ferret. Pilat Dune is a real postcard landscape!