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Basque Country

Maisons typiques du pays basque
Les rues de Bayonne
La villa Arnaga au pays basque

To the south of the Landes and Bisca Grands Lacs, lies the Basque Country, between green hills and the Atlantic ocean… For a week-end, or the space of a day, visit the Basque Country, this region with a strong culture and character!

Go for a ride in the Basque Country  

Visit the Basque Country, to the backdrop of green hills and enchanting villages… Lose yourself among typical Basque sites: Sare, Espelette, Arcangues, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port….

Here, the half-timber houses are called ‘etxe’, painted in red Basque colours… Look up and see the peppers still drying on the façade. 
A few kilometres from the hills and ocean, visit the city of Bayonne: capital of the Basque Country! City of art and history, discover its ramparts, citadel, half-timber building and small typical streets…
When night falls, the city comes alive… On holiday at Bisca Grands Lacs, stop over at Bayonne to experience its famous festivals!  

Impossible not to fall in love with Saint-Jean de Luz… It is clearly a typically Basque town! Basque cake, narrow streets with local colour, traditional cooking.

When heading south, make a halt at Hendaye. Reach Spain in only a few minutes by boat or climb aboard a train, the Topo for San Sebastián. Taste a few tapas and experience the Spanish rhythm for a day. 

Try the Basque gastronomy and its traditions  

We love cooking here and we eat well! During a Basque Country weekend, good restaurants abound. Taste the traditional gastronomy in a local restaurant… Above all, remember to bring back some of the famous Espelette peppers or Bayonne chocolates!