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The Landes

Ecomusée de Marquèze
Centre village de Labastide d'Armagnac dans les landes
Courant d'Huchet dans les Landes
Maison typique des Landes
Domaine d'Ognoas
Surf sur l'océan atlantique
A vélo vers la dune du Pilat

Imagine a vast pine forest bordered by the unspoilt beaches of the Atlantic ocean… Welcome to the Landes! Discover this untamed land through many activities…

Suggested activities in the Landes Discover our top 5!

1: Take part in the férias (fairs) 
The Landes comes alive to the rhythm of the férias. Over 5 days and 6 nights, the Landes people celebrate between 'courses landaises' (a form of bullfighting), corridas, street music… The féria is an unmissable event for experiencing the heart of Landes tradition and friendliness! 

2: Succumb to the pleasures of Landes gastronomy 
The Landes means traditions and above all delicious cooking! You will just love tasting the various local products. Try a typical Landes dish in a small local restaurant. You will love the Landes poultry, Chalosse beef, duck breast and foie gras.

On the Landes coast, seafood also makes up the typical dishes of the region.   Enjoy these typical dishes with a glass of Landes wine and finish up the meal with a small glass of Armagnac!
Taste the asparagus and kiwi that are some of the best Landes specialities.  You will find these great products while strolling through the Landes markets. Lovers of great food, delight in the local pastries such as the Pastis Landais cake and the Tourtière meat pie

3: Get a shot of adrenalin! 
There is so much to do in the Landes… Do you like sports? The Landes will become your playground! 
Discover the Landes forest on a tour on bike or on horseback through the pines…

Alive to the surroundings Test your sense of adventure and climb to the top of the pines with the tree top adventure courses!
What about the Landes coastline? Head toward the large unspoilt beaches for a surfing session, the favourite sport of locals! Rent a board and ride the Landes waves for an adrenalin-fuelled day! 

4: Visit the Landes museums  
To learn all about the history and culture of the Landes, visit the local museums.
In Grands Lacs, the Seaplane museum and the Museum of Traditions in Biscarrosse, the Lake museum in Sanguinet: discover these three points of interest which have different themes, full of history and reasonably priced

In Sabres, the Marquèze Ecomuseum is a must to visit in the Landes! Relive the live of the 19th century Gascon inhabitants in the heart of a neighbourhood of the time listed as a Historical Monument… 

5: Discover the cultural and historical heritage of the Landes 
With its host of historical monuments and religious buildings, the Landes boasts a rich cultural past. If you are interested in culture, visit the different abbeys and churches of the region: Abbaye Saint-Sever, Eglise Saint-Jacques, Abbaye d’Arthous, Cathédrale Notre Dame, Abbatiale Saint-Jean…