Terra Aventura, A treasure hunt for everyone

Geocaching à Biscarrosse et aux alentours

Tèrra aventura is a great way to explore Nouvelle-Aquitaine and to discover geocaching. The Tèrra aventura universe is captivating!

Containers called "caches" are hidden here and about. The aim of the game? To discover the caches and find the treasure they contain!

Young explorers and old adventurers alike will enjoy a life-size treasure hunt on the area’s Terra Aventura paths. Follow your GPS to beat the pack! 
Terra Aventura is a game that combines exploration, exercise, and the discovery of our natural and architectural heritage. Use our free treasure hunt app on your smartphone or GPS. 

Tiny creatures called  Poï’z live in the Tèrra Aventura caches. Collect all the poï’z badges! How? Simply choose one of the 400 Terra Aventura trails and let the App guide you : answer the different questions on your way, and find the treasure!  

Terra Aventura courses in Bisca Grands lacs

The tulip tree’s lament

Parentis en Born
The black gold of Pays de Born

The resin-tapping secret

The crazy quest of Saint Quiteria

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Discover terra Aventura municipalities

A great spot where charm operates everywhere through its authentic and spontaneous inhabitants...
Nested in the Landes forest, Ychoux is surrounded by the French National Park of the Landes...
Parentis en Born
The town of Parentis-en-Born is the only one in the north Landes to have an arena...
Biscarrosse is a young and vibrant town