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terra aventura
terra aventura

Terra Aventura : Bisca donne des z’ailes

Latécoère Latécoère, Biscarrosse ville See the map
Temporarily closed
Terra Aventura is a game that combines walking, sports, discovery of heritage and natural resources. The principle is simple: the treasure hunt is done with a smartphone or a GPS on which you have downloaded the free application. Once the "caches" are located on the ground, you have to find the mystery word or solve the riddles...until you find the treasure in which Poï'z, small characters with strong character, are hidden and can be collected (in the form of badges).

Bisca' donne des z'ailes, a theme around the seaplane to discover with the family

In Biscarrosse City : Know how to do with Zouti / Duration 1h-2h / Distance 2.70 km / Terrain ** / Difficulty ***
«Terra Aventura : Bisca donne des z’ailes»
Latécoère Latécoère, Biscarrosse ville