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La plage océane de Biscarrosse
Biscarrosse City
The beaches of Biscarrosse Lake
Le marché de Biscarrosse Ville
Cinéma le Renoir à Biscarrosse

Biscarrosse is a young and vibrant town home to a variety of pleasures and activities all year round. It is also the surfing spot par excellence.

Lying a few kilometres south of the Arcachon Bay and Pilat Dune, Biscarrosse has communication facilities that make it one of its visitors’ favourites in all seasons. With its 19,308 hectares, the commune provides its inhabitants with a pleasant life style, particularly with its 13,000 hectares of forest land and 3,200 hectares of lakes.
Biscarrosse is a town of 15,000 inhabitants. It has 3 main areas:

  • Ocean beach
  • Town
  • Lakes

An outstanding environment on the Landes coastline

The distinctive feature of Biscarrosse is the variety of natural sites. Vast white, fine sand ocean beaches, incomparable clear freshwater lakes, majestic pine forests that stretch between dunes and valleys, offering a unique panorama of the lakes and Atlantic ocean.

Biscarrosse is privileged to be the only resort on the Landes coastline to offer such a viewpoint. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the area, offering a total change of scenery. This complete communion with the environment, combined with one of the highest number of days of sunshine make Biscarrosse the epitome of nature leisure resorts.

How could we not also speak about the dozens of kilometres or so of bike paths and trails winding among the dune forest and ocean beaches.