The Bisca Grands Lacs’ Marinas


At Bisca Grands Lacs, no fewer than 10 marinas are located on the lakes of the territory. They have plenty of boat mooring spaces.

Whether in Biscarrosse, Sanguinet, Parentis en Born, Gastes or Sainte Eulalie en Born, the boating services of each municipality issue permits for the rental of annual or seasonal berths. Allocation and renewal of the usage right are conditional on the payment of fees for anchorage and sailing rights.

Regulations on the Lakes

Sailing fee: it is compulsory and allows sailing on the lakes of Biscarrosse-Parentis-Gates-Sainte Eulalie and on that of Cazaux-Sanguinet. Payment of this fee is indicated by a sticker affixed to the vessels and its amount is determined according to the power of the boat’s engine.

Sailing and mooring: living on board and the sailing and parking of inhabited boats are prohibited at all times.

300-metre strip: materialised by spherical yellow buoys, a 300-metre shoreline strip is installed. The maximum permissible speed here is 5 km/h. Swimming and water activities have priority.

Safety equipment: all vessels, with or without a motor, must be equipped with safety equipment, as required by the regulations.

  • Comply with the maximum number of passengers on vessels.
  • Integrate safety equipment: buoyancy equipment, bilge pumps, fire-extinguishers, towing and mooring devices, personal identification (waterproof torch or other).

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