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Fishing at Biscarrosse and Grands Lacs

Pêche sur le lac de Sanguinet
partie de pêche sur le lac de ste eulalie en born
Pêche à Biscarrosse
pêche sur le lac de Biscarrosse
Surfcasting on the ocean beaches of Biscarrosse

Nature reigns supreme here between the ocean and lakes... A great chance for fishing in preserved spots.

Paradise for fishers and green tourism
An ideal fishing spot

Grands Lacs is one of the largest freshwater lakes in France. Fine sandy beaches and Landes forest are the perfect backdrop for fishing. Alone or with friends, fishing on Grands Lacs is the perfect activity to enjoy the scenery.

Where to fish on Grands lacs

Biscarrosse-Parentis lake is home to a wide variety of fishes: carnivorous (pike, perch, zander, etc.) or Cyprinidae (roach, carp, bream, etc.). 
Sanguinet lake is the largest fishing spot in Grands Lacs.  5,600 hectares of pristine nature are waiting for you and your fishing rod! 
For fishing at Biscarrosse, the small lake is also a favourite spot among fishers. 

Fishing tips and regulations at Bisca Grand Lacs

Contact the tourist office for any questions you may have about regulations or times. A fishing license is compulsory (except for surfcasting)!