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Tourisme Gourmand - food tourism in the Landes

Restaurant chez Cousseau Parentis
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Gastronomie dans les Landes
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Restaurant chez Cousseau Parentis

Discover the best of gastronomy from the Landes with the Tourisme Gourmand ambassadors

Star-awarded chefs, restaurateurs, producers, artisans, shop-keepers and hoteliers of the Landes have created the Tourisme Gourmand network, to offer you the best of the terroir of the Landes. Food tourism means discovering a concentrate of culinary experiences and activities which highlight the know-how of our artisans and allows you to appreciate their particular products and dishes...

In autumn, the Landes is around the table!

In the Landes, Autumn is the season of those who love their food! The terroir of the Landes immediately evokes generous cuisine and festive meals, a season where everyone can enjoy its mild climate.

Discover the best of gastronomy of the Landes...Hoteliers, restaurateurs, artisans, producers or curers motivated by these common values based on exchange and conviviality are hard at work during this season. Autumn is also the season of food and drink festivals and events. There are many tasting events with producers. 

Ambassadors of Tourisme Gourmand 

True lovers of the gastronomy of the Landes await you ...Trendy and authentic food and drink, hotels, sweet or savoury local products, curers and brewers are all ambassadors of the food tourism network to be discovered without reserve. 


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Discover our food tourism ambassadors at Bisca Grands Lacs without delay.

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