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Gastronomy and Landes specialities

Gastronomie dans les Landes

At Bisca Grands Lacs, Landes gastronomy honours traditions. On holiday, take the opportunity to enjoy the Landes specialities and taste dishes worthy of the greatest chefs.

Foie gras poelé

The Landes is a stronghold of gastronomy. If you like your food, you cannot get away from a Landes duck breast or a wonderful foie gras. 

Taste the local specialities 

Landes fish specialities are not behind either. Mussels, fresh fish, prawns… Taste fish freshly caught the day before in the various restaurants of the destination. 

Landes harvests annually provide us with great local fruit and vegetables: Landes kiwis, Parentis blueberries, and Landes asparagus. They are found in our markets and for you to eat as much as you want! 
Landes specialities are also hidden away in our pastries… Have you ever tried the Pastis Landais cake? This pastry flavoured with orange flower water, vanilla and rum is a delicious Landes speciality!

If you love Armagnac, then be sure that you will be unable to resist a wonderful Landes meat pie flavoured with this delightful drink… To go along with all of these amazing Landes specialities, it is impossible to forego a wonderful glass of Pays des Landes wine… 

Discover fine restaurants 

Good addresses abound at Biscarrosse and Grands Lacs. Professionals and major restaurant chefs will be delighted to welcome you to their establishments.

With a view over a lake at sunset, feet in the sand, or on an ocean view terrace, at Biscarrosse and Grands Lacs, enjoy the specialities of the Landes in magical spots!