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By bike as far as the Dune du Pilat

Le banc d'Arguin
La dune du Pilat sur le bassin d'Arcachon
A vélo vers la dune du Pilat
L'ascension de la dune du Pilat

If you want to go on an original bike ride, set out from the Gironde to the Dune du Pilat, famous as the highest sand dune in Europe

Balade à vélo
Recommended bikes

All-terrain or mountain bikes are recommended, but you can use all types of bikes. If you have not been able to bring your own, several companies offer bicycle rentals.

Plan a whole day to get the most from your ride...From Sanguinet, Biscarrosse Ville or Parentis head towards Biscarrosse Plage on the bike trails. From Biscarrosse Plage head towards “Le Vivier” and continue on the bike trail that runs alongside the Le Vivier campsite.  Continue along this trail towards the Dune du Pilat.

You cross the forest. Continue towards the ocean beaches, the Salie, the Lagune, Le Petit Nice. You can make a little detour to go to one of these beaches and perhaps have a picnic with a tasty meal from your bag!

After the Lagune, there are just a few kilometres left… and suddenly you have to go up a little, the trail alongside the road is hilly, nothing very hard but a little tiring for children. Grit your teeth, up and down you go! 

Carry on to the Panorama, Petit Nice, La Forêt, Pyla and Flots Bleux campsites where the famous film “Camping” was shot. Stop for a moment to take a souvenir photo under the entrance arch. A few more turns of the pedals and the dune roundabout is in sight…

The Dune… here it is!

Take the small path and cross the car park. You can leave your bike there. The last few metres are on foot, walking along the path of the restaurants and souvenir shops. 

The ascent is made easier by steps, and when you get to the top you will be rewarded with an amazing panoramic view. On one side the ocean and the entrance to the Arcachon basin and on the other the forest of the Landes...
Admire it! You will undoubtedly have some great memories of this outing.


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