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Seaplane museum

332 rue Louis Bréguet, Biscarrosse ville See the map
Open from 04/02/2023 to 31/12/2023 et from 10/02/2024 to 31/08/2024
Open from 01/01/2024 to 07/01/2024
The museum of the hydraviation of Biscarrosse located on the mythical place of the former base Latécoère tells the history of the hydraviation since the first flight in 1910 until our days.

Enter the legend and embark on a journey through the ages.

In 1930, Biscarrosse, which nothing indicated for an aeronautical destiny, was chosen by Pierre Georges Latécoère to become the place of assembly and tests of the greatest French seaplanes. The lake of Biscarrosse saw more than 120 seaplanes taking off and landing, with destination New-York or Fort de France.

At the controls of these prestigious "air liners", aviators like Mermoz, Guillaumet or Saint-Exupéry marked the history of aeronautics. After this epic, Biscarrosse was the ideal place for the creation of a museum of the Hydraviation unique in Europe.

An incredible collection to discover absolutely

Let yourself be transported through the ages and go through the different rooms of the museum which will lead you to the fabulous stories of these giant liners. The media and collection pieces are varied and invite you to live a unique experience in the footsteps of great names: Latécoère, Saint-Exupéry, Mermoz...

Ask for the free guide "Welcome aboard" which will allow your children from 3 to 12 years old to visit our Museum and learn the history of the hydraviation while having fun.
The store offers a selection of books, souvenirs and gifts of all kinds to prolong the journey through the epic of the seaplane.

But let's not forget the aircraft itself! Seaplanes are nowadays very rare. Time and corrosion have done their work, some "saved" seaplanes are however exposed in the museums. Seaplanes from 1912 to the eighties, restored or in the process of restoration are visible in the big exhibition hall of 480 m2.

You can't miss it! the GRUMMAN Albatross. After three years of restoration, this legendary seaplane is presented to you as a major piece of the museum's tour.

The new free application "Biscarrosse Visite Musée" is launched, proposing to the visitor to become actor of his visit thanks to an interactive guidance through the rooms of the museum.

For the groups from 10 persons minimum, guided tours of about 1h30 are organized on preliminary reservation. (except July / August)

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«Seaplane museum»
332 rue Louis Bréguet, Biscarrosse ville