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Cantaure de Luë Oak Tree

The Cantaure oak in Luë is an exceptional tree in France, recognized as a "Remarkable Tree of France" since May 6, 2011. Its long history dates back at least to the 14th century, making it the oldest tree in the commune.

With a trunk measuring over 8 metres in circumference and 11 metres at ground level, this imposing tree stands after the church on the left towards Cantaure, at the crossroads towards Cantaure/Mariné, at the first street on the right (fire department access no. 70), 3.6 km from the village;

Beyond its impressive dimensions, the Cantaure oak represents not only a natural wonder, but also a tangible link with the region's past. Designated as a remarkable tree, it plays a symbolic role in preserving local history.
«Cantaure de Luë Oak Tree»