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Sea fishing

Whether at dawn, sunset or night, discover the ocean differently by practicing surfcasting.

With its large sandy beaches, the Landes coast is a paradise for the fisherman on the seaside.

Surf casting is a fishing technique that is practiced from the beach with the feet in the sand using large rods (4.50 m to 5m), and a large ballast to be able to cast at great distances (over 100m). The line is stretched, the rod is held vertically on a support. It is necessary to move regularly following the tide. Favourable fishing periods: from May to December

An activity open to all

This type of fishing can be practiced day and night, and unlike freshwater fishing, sea fishing does not require any authorization. (No specific permit is required). However, you must respect one rule: do not resell the product of your fishing!
If you decide to start surfcasting, you will be able to catch fish with well-known names such as sea bass (or wolf), sea bream, mullet, sole, eel or conger eel...

Some advice for the beginner fisherman

  • Be aware of the "baïnes" (water holes) which are dangerous because of the strong downward current
  • Fish at high tide for better catches
  • Avoid fishing alone
  • Remember to cover yourself well for night fishing
  • Respect the marked areas for swimming and water sports activities (surfing...)
«Sea fishing»