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skatepark-Biscarrosse ville

Skate Parc de Biscarrosse Ville

The rendezvous of the slide lovers

287, Rue Jules Ferry, Biscarrosse ville See the map

The city of Biscarrosse provides two skate parks for all levels, and your teenagers will be able to learn freely on these spaces that they will adopt for sure...

Located in Biscarrosse city near the center, this skatepark is composed of a variety of different modules:

  • a quarter
  • an inclined plane
  • a fun box with 2 curves and 2 slopes
  • a round bar of 40cm high and 4m long

The spot covers an area of 300 m² (15 m x 20 m).
Skating and rollerblading are practiced under the full responsibility of the youngsters and their parents. The wearing of protective gear is recommended: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards.