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Fronton de Parentis-en-Born

Fronton de Parentis-en-Born

26 Avenue Germinal, Parentis-en-born See the map
Built in Parentis-en-Born in 1956, the fronton is a wall against which Basque pelota is played. It is an architectural element present in almost all the towns and villages of the French Basque Country and, to a lesser extent, in the bordering regions.

The wall is erected at the end of an open square that serves as a playing field for the following specialties: bare hand, rebot, joko-garbi, grand chistera, grosse pala, paleta leather and paleta solid rubber.

In Basque, this place is called plaza.

The plaza is a generally uncovered area consisting of one wall, or two (one at each end). There are pediments of all sizes (10 to 16 meters wide and about 6 to 10 meters high), some are even covered.
«Fronton de Parentis-en-Born»
26 Avenue Germinal, Parentis-en-born