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paddle polo
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Plage de Caton Ouest, Chemin de Sabas, Sanguinet See the map
Open from 08/04/2024 to 06/10/2024
Qualité Tourisme
Yak'Ocean is a multi-activity leisure structure, based in Sanguinet, run by state-qualified instructors. You will be able to discover a large choice of activities !

Stand-up paddle
Standing on the water and propelled by a paddle, stand-up paddling is an excellent way to discover the calm waters of Lac de Sanguinet.

Yoga on a paddle
In the heart of nature, in contact with the elements on the lake, practise yoga on stand-up paddle boards, playing with balance, concentration and muscle strengthening.

Hawaiian pirogue
Share a unique moment on original boats. The single-seater or 3-4-seater Hawaiian pirogue is a typical archipelago craft, consisting of a hull and an outrigger. You'll discover a new way of gliding across the water.

Discover the most beautiful sites on stable boats accessible to the whole family. With an open kayak, you'll be immersed in the heart of this exceptional environment.

Wave rafting
Come and discover "sea rafting" on the ocean beaches. With 8 people on a giant paddle, you'll take on the ocean!

Sitting on a waveski board, you don't have to get up, just paddle out and surf the first waves. This activity is supervised by qualified instructors, and the thrill of sliding is guaranteed!

Tree climbing
Who hasn't dreamed of climbing a tree like a squirrel? In direct contact with the trees, in the heart of the forest, just a stone's throw from the beach, you can admire Lac de Sanguinet from the air. You'll learn climbing techniques and climb up trees using real climbing holds to reach heights of over 8 m above the ground, under the supervision and belay of a qualified instructor. This activity is open to children aged 5 and over.

Battle Archery, a game of skill and strategy
Two teams compete to be the first to knock down the 5 spots on the opponent's target, or simply to eliminate the opposing players with arrows, paintball-style.

Paddle polo
A mix between polo and stand-up paddle, you'll need balance, skill and tactics to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team.

Orienteering course
Armed with a roadmap, you'll set off in search of clues in the forest bordering the lake, to find the mystery word, while learning about the gemmaker's trade.

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Plage de Caton Ouest, Chemin de Sabas, Sanguinet