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Fishing on the lakes

Biscarrosse, Parentis, Gastes, Sainte Eulalie en Born

A fisherman's paradise awaits you in the north of the Landes, also called the Great Lakes region. These immense stretches of water are among the largest freshwater lakes in France, bordered by pine trees and fine sandy beaches.

This paradise will satisfy both the experienced fishermen and the beginners, the carnivorous amateurs and the carp fishermen! The place is ideal to spend a family stay and practice your favorite activity.

4 different lakes are waiting for you on the territory

  • The North Lake, called Cazaux-Sanguinet, with a surface of 5600ha. It is in the south of this lake that the biggest part of the tourist activity is concentrated with Biscarrosse and Sanguinet.
  • The South Lake, known as of Biscarrosse-Parentis, with a surface of 3600ha. Four big bays characterize the lake (Biscarrosse, Parentis, Gastes and Ste Eulalie en Born), and are favourable to the prospections. The lake is particularly famous for its annual carnivorous competition around the port of Gastes.
  • The small lake of Biscarrosse, with a surface of 100ha. It is a natural spawning ground for all fish and a real paradise for the aquatic fauna and flora. If fishing is practiced on the 3 lakes, it is on this lake, a real fishing reserve, that the fishermen will find the ideal framework for the practice of their passion.
  • The transaquitain canal (6 km), which links the 3 lakes.

A region marked by a great halieutic diversity

Recognized especially for its carnivorous fish (pikes, pike-perches, perches) you will also find an important population of cyprinids (roach, rotengle, carp, tench, bream, eels).

  • Fishing techniques
  • On the spot and on the fly
  • Dead hand
  • Lure fishing
  • Casting
  • Trolling
  • Artificial fly

For any question, contact the local fishing associations, which know their territory perfectly and will be able to advise you at best.

AAPPMA des lacs : The head office of the association is located at the edge of the lake at the place called "le Taron" in Biscarrosse Ville. This house of water and fishing is opened every day and welcomes all the fishermen.

«Fishing on the lakes»