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Immersive Helicopter Tour

948 Avenue Bonanza, Biscarrosse ville See the map
Open from 01/01/2024 to 31/12/2024

Business temporarily suspended

Discover the magic of virtual helicopter flights: a unique aerial experience
We offer immersive virtual aerial tour experiences aboard a helicopter, designed by experienced pilots to provide you with an unforgettable discovery in ultra-realistic conditions.

Our 360° virtual reality flights plunge you into a unique immersive experience, where you'll feel as if you're actually flying, while evolving in a captivating environment. You'll be able to change your perspective at any time, and benefit from an explanatory commentary to accompany your visit, enriching your experience.

Heliborn vr welcomes you to Parentis, Biscarrosse town and beach.

Reservations strongly recommended online, or at the Tourist Offices (Biscarrosse, Parentis, Sanguinet).
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948 Avenue Bonanza, Biscarrosse ville