Le miel des Landais: Api Beesness & Bee Api

Great Lakes Honey House

Marchés, Ychoux See the map
Open from 01/03/2022 to 24/12/2022

Consume locally and eco-responsible by visiting the Ychoussois beekeeper directly present on the markets. He will offer you his honeys and beekeeping products as well as a selection of honeys from his beekeeper friends (such as thyme honey or chestnut honey).

You will also find unique products created in collaboration with local craftsmen (black garlic from Biscarrosse, spirulina from Parentis-en-Born). The offer of vegetable soaps based on honeys has been extended this year with a local handcrafted soap in cold saponification (Biscarrosse Plage, Le Monde d'Eva), designed with our honey and our beeswax.

And so that the discovery is complete, you will be able to buy honey vinegar (natural or with black garlic), beers with honey, meads, etc...

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«Le miel des Landais: Api Beesness & Bee Api»
Marchés, Ychoux