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Biscaia bleu traditionelle
Biscaia bleue slim
Biscaia noire et bleue


225 avenue du 14 Juillet, Biscarrosse ville See the map
Open from 01/12/2023 to 31/12/2024
Biscaïa, a Landes company located in Biscarrosse, manufactures traditional flip-flops with a simple design and a strong local approach

The design of these flip-flops is based on three elements

Local manufacturing: a flip-flop made in our workshops in France, in the Landes, in Biscarrosse.

Local impact: the creation of a local identity through the development of a geographically identified activity and brand. We donate a part of our turnover to local associations, notably Zéro déchet des Grands Lacs.

The environment, a strong commitment: Use of materials of natural or recycled origin (cork, recycled tires of French origin, recycled cork powder...) Minimization and valorization of our manufacturing waste.

Collection of used flip-flops and wetsuits for recovery/recycling. Integration of a constant process of improvement of our manufacturing process in favor of the environment.

225 avenue du 14 Juillet, Biscarrosse ville